Saturday, 22 October 2005

On a higher plane

It seems that my posts have once again been getting rather trivial and uninformative; there have been fresh demands that I should exercise more rigour in pursuing the principal objective of Other Men's Flowers, which is of course the provision of intellectual sustenance for serious readers. "It don't stretch me like what it used to" complains a Harvard Professor of Applied Linguistics.
To help me to introduce a more challenging note a friend has sent me some children’s poems:

I saw a little girl I hate
And kicked her with my toes
She turned and smiled
Then punched me on the nose

Today I saw a little worm
Wriggling on his belly
Perhaps he’d like to come inside
And see what’s on the telly

To amuse
On warm summer nights
Do wiwis
From spectacular heights


Julius said...

Not all your readers are poovy academics demanding a constant supply of intellectually demanding material, you know. For goodness' sake give us something a bit more light-hearted.

Minerva said...

At LAST - something that I can both relate to and understand....

*wiping sweat off brow*


Tony said...

Bollocks, Minerva: it is quite clear to me that you have related to and understood perfectly well everything that has appeared in OMF since January 2004.
Anyway, I shan't be able to keep up this ethereal level: even high-octane intellectual prats like Julius are demanding that I lighten up.

Hugh said...

Don't pay any attention to him, dear: he's pulling our legs.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

What a shift, from erudition to couch potato.

Tony said...

Erudition is an attribute, a couch potato is a person; you cannot contrast the two. And what do couch potatoes have to do with children's poems?
If you're going to comment on OMF you'll have to do better than that.