Monday, 25 May 2015

Elvis ahead of Stalin but Jesus lags behind fish

If you search for these words, Google will count in millions all the websites which contained them in March this year [Tony drafted this in 2012] and (in brackets) in March 2004.
               fish         31           185
           Jesus         23           177
            Hitler           3           154
         Caesar           3           154
George Bush           2           153
      Beckham           2            94
     Tony Blair           2            35
              Elvis           2            16
            Stalin           1               8

                              72           978

This was one of the posts which was as much about an enigmatic title as about its subject. I think Tony just liked gathering unlikely combinations - the very essence of Montaigne.  On how many lists other than Hello!'s Top Ten Most Photographed do you find Tony Blair next to David Beckham, after all?  Blair, Bush and Stalin often figure together, on the other hand, so perhaps Tony was onto something and that was his point, the mischievous fellow.