Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ten Questions: 111-120

Ten Questions to which we have neither the answer nor the question.  Tony was always of enquiring mind.  It was this impish curiosity that led him to blog in the first place, along with a desire to test others' curiosity, hence these Ten Questions posts.  I think he would be well satisfied with this as a last post – enquiring yet, vitally, completely and utterly without point or purpose.  One might almost call it Vintage OMF.  If one had nothing better to do.

Another quality of Tony was a keenness to avoid the overstaying of a welcome – his, certainly, but also yours.  He always made this very clear – sometimes, indeed, as you were stepping over his threshold ready to down one of his famously tonic-lite G&Ts ("You'll be wanting to make an early start back, I shouldn't wonder.  We shan't be hurt").   So he would not want any blog of his to overstay its welcome either.  Five years, five posts feels like about the very longest coda he would tolerate, so we shall leave it there.  Hopefully his words will not suffer too much bitrot in the years to come and ardent and (especially) lazy readers of the future alike will stumble across some choice OMF posts as a result of searching for some esoteric yet trivial items of interest.  Other Men's Flowers: wasting your time until the end of time.  That is the hope.

Family of Tony, 2017.