Sunday, 16 October 2005

Brainwashing: How it’s done

The least attractive blogs are those that consist almost entirely of links to sites that the author thinks interesting. I try to avoid this by plagiarising worthwhile items (sometimes, shamelessly, without crediting the source) and adding my own gloss.
Here’s a case where it’s best just to put in a link and then shut up.
We all sympathise with—and share—the incomprehension of the parents of a suicide bomber who cannot understand how their son has come to commit an act which seems to them utterly foreign to his nature. A lucid and convincing essay in The Guardian by Kathleen Taylor attempts an explanation.


Janey said...

Many, many thanks for the link to that Guardian article by Kathleen Taylor.

It seems to describe what happens to people when they become disabled and are forced on to a disability income - at least in Nova Scotia (Canada).
The five core techniques: isolation, control, incertainty, repetition and emotional manipulation, are all employed by the Department of Community Services here.

Julius said...

Really? That seems a little harsh. The DCS are hardly in the business of training killers.
Tell us more.