Friday, 25 June 2004

Chacun à son Google

These are the numbers of search results you get, in millions, if you put these names into Google:

6.9 Shakespeare
3.5 Hitler
3.3 Buddha
3.1 Churchill
3.0 Beethoven
3.0 Caesar
2.7 George Bush
2.5 Beckham
2.4 Tony Blair
2.3 Elvis
1.3 Stalin
... whereas "Jesus" gives 23.4 and "fish" gives 31.1.

(Caesar includes the salad, and Elvis includes Costello, and if you make it "Winston Churchill" you only get 761,000, and.... oh, the hell with it, who cares?)

I cannot make an interesting comment on the significance of these figures because they are totally uninteresting and not significant at all.

1 comment:

Froog said...

In my first ever piece of online research a decade or so ago, the law firm I was working for asked me to investigate the background of a chap called David George.

David L George.

I got a lot of returns on that, none of them remotely relevant.