Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Boo-hoo like Beckham

Bad sight of the week is the misery of little Romeo Beckham "being comforted by his mother". What, exactly, is making him sob so pitifully? At the age of 21 months, a 2-1 loss to France wouldn't have had that much impact, I would have thought.

Perhaps the answer is in an article by a psychiatrist, who explains that in top level sport failing to achieve the very best possible result can constitute a major trauma and may lead to mental breakdown and suicidal tendencies. If Romeo saw his parents traumatised and suicidal it's not surprising he's a bit upset, particularly as he would not understand why they're carrying on like that.

Poor loves. They should learn to react more like Tim Henman, who's had more experience than most in not quite making it. It's true he always looks pretty glum, but you very rarely see him sobbing uncontrollably, though I suppose this may be because expressing emotion is something else not quite within his range.

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