Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Twenty Questions

The mixture as beforequestions suited to people with ragbag minds. Some of the questions are dreary, some obscure and some merely silly.

Three correct answers is a good score, five is outstanding, ten is a lie.

21    What is love not?

22    What is Other Men's Flowers?

23    What did George Holliday videotape on 3rd March 1991 in LA?

24    What links: Lake Manzala, Lake Timsah, Great Bitter Lake, Little Bitter Lake?

25    Why must I wayle for Witherington?

26    What did she cry before she died, after lifting up her lovely head?

27    What are the trees where you sit going to do?

28    Whom should you not trust when you can't find your way home?

29    Which psychological condition was defined after a 1973 Swedish bank robbery?

30    Which astronomical event is depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry?

31    The King, or Kitchener?

32    Why did the Earl of Oxford leave Elizabeth I's court for seven years?

33    Magnetite, hematite and goethite are ores of which metal?

34    Fingal O'Flahertie Wills were the middle names of which writer?

35    Whose mother and sister are cured of leprosy in a biblical epic?

36    What became the largest country in Africa this year?

37    The USS Phoenix at Pearl Harbour was sunk 40 years later under what name?

38    The Parsi people practise which religion?

39    What restriction was introduced on 8 January 1940?

40    What's it all about?

Answers are HERE

[Sources: Guardian Weekend, Ask a Silly Question (Goswell Frand), New Statesman, Wikipedia, The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, The Public School Hymn Book, The OED, The Washington Post, The Bible, etc.]



Froog said...

Several of these comparatively easy this time, I thought, OMF.

23 and 39, for example, not known for sure, but readily guessable.

And you know, of course, that I recognised the origin of your blog name on my first visit here.

The longer or more obscure quotations defeated me - but produced forehead-slapping moments of pained recognition when I checked the answers. A childhood spent watching The Good Old Days on television suddenly came flooding back to me.

Annoyed I missed No. 31!

The last one looked as though it might be a reference to the Michael Caine film Alfie. Once that thought had lodged in my mind, it prevented any others from entering.

I refrain from mentioning my score, for fear of being branded a braggart or a fibber.

Tony said...

Thank you very much for your report. What you say suggests that I am hitting the difficulty level about right. I will try to pose more forehead-slapping questions.

No shame in not being able to answer the last question. By the time you first went on the dance floor the H-K was already history; it wasn't part of your youth as it was of mine.

dandd said...

Smokin' this time with 11, although 22 I knew through reading your bio, 30 was a guess, and there's a bumper-sticker available that says: What if the hokey-pokey IS what it's all about?