Friday, 30 September 2011

Twenty Questions

These are suited to people with ragbag minds. Some of them are dreary, some obscure and some merely silly (I mean the questions, not the people who can answer them; well, I suppose both, really).

The first and last questions are very silly.

Three correct answers is a good score, five is outstanding, ten is a lie.

1    Who was in whose what and how many miles awhat?

2    The Watsons is an unfinished novel by which author?

3    Which feature started to appear in Mayfair streets in 1958?

4    What links David Bowie, Rod Steiger, Telly Savalas, Michael Palin?

5    Which monument lists 558 generals of the first French Empire?

6    Piedmont white and Perigord black are prized varieties of what?

7    Traditionally, who would wield an estoque?

8    Who were liberated on March 3rd 1861?

9    Where are we treading, brothers?

10  What, according to Noel Coward, are just around the corner?

11  37 in Europe, 38 in the US: what?

12  Methuselah plus Salmanazar equals what?

13  One hundred agorot make what?

14  Where was Ferran AdriĆ” head chef?

15  What's a caret?

16  Pertussis is better known as what?

17  What afflicted London from 5-9 December 1952?

18  The dandy Eustace Tilley is the mascot of which magazine?

19  Capten, art tha sleeping there below?

20  Where, by whom and when was the game known as Ragamadolio or Tumble-cum-Trivy played?

Answers are HERE

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