Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's the rich what gets the pleasure

The internet – particularly the blogosphere – provides great opportunities for sociological study. One can compare and contrast the aspirations, tastes and viewpoints of people from either end of every kind of spectrum – social, political, geographical - simply by reading what they write about themselves.

Take Top People, for example: what does Hugh Massingham-Bohun in Gloucestershire have in common with Edward Cabot Ames III in Massachusetts?

Is it the fact that both have a great deal of money, as does the Non-Top Person Luke Riemenschneider of Arkansas?  Other than that, nothing much, I suppose, except for the desire to tell the world about their lives in the mistaken belief that the world will find them of interest.

Actually, unlike most blogs I find these three are not particularly boring since the writers all seem to enjoy with gusto what they do; I am not envious of any of them, but some aspects of their lives sound as if they might be fun...



Elizabeth said...

How about Septimus, George and the Icon collector?

Tony said...

They reinforce my point: what they write on their blogs clearly reveals their characters and lifestyles. The first two are a pair of religious fruitcakes with ridiculous delusions and Julius de Basil is a decent enough little fellow but pretentious and a bit of a humbug.