Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Schism schmism

A day rarely goes by now without the press quoting, as if it were news, some inane pronouncement on the subjects under dispute within the oddly named Anglican Communion. Most are by top clergymen, archbishops and other elite shock-troops of the church, but laymen are not far behind in coming up with resounding idiocies, like this from a reader of the BBC website:
The most important thing is that everyone accepts the authority of scripture, even if their interpretations differ.

This would leave the way open for the formation of the broadest possible church, offering a welcome to all those who think the Bible is the word of God and permitting them to make it mean whatever they want. However, this would still exclude me and those of my friends who would find it difficult to interpret the mad fantasies of Revelation and the muddled ravings of Leviticus (summary here) so as to make them acceptable. There is no way, for example, no way at all, that I could bring myself to comply with the command to scourge my bondmaid after having lain with her, though I suppose I might try to persuade myself that Moses had taken it down all wrong.

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