Friday, 4 July 2008

More First Names

Another 25 rather uncommon ones which have been given to (fairly) famous people. Four are fictional. Can you supply the surname for each?

1 LaVerne
2 Mycroft
3 Dinsdale
4 Kofi
5 Jedediah
6 Maundy
7 Dashiell
8 Lambert
9 Perkin
10 Lorna
11 Calvin
12 Woodrow
13 Ogden
14 Sacheverell
15 Sexton
16 Zane
17 Diego
18 Orlando
19 Emmeline
20 Clement
21 Garth
22 Benito
23 Jawaharlal
24 Maximilien
25 Mahalia

Answers HERE


Marc said...

My new wife and I are trying to come up with good baby names for a boy. No we're not pregnant, we're not even trying, really. She just has a girl's name picked out already, and the subject has a nasty tendency of reappearing during moments of boredom, like when we're driving across town.

Our problem is that we can't seem to come up with two or three actual nominees without plunging head-first into silliness (perhaps because we're not pregnant, or even really trying, or maybe it's just the boredom).

The girl's name she has chosen is "Margaret", or "Margarita" as my hispanic side of the family would be sure to call her. Since you can't have a Margarita without tequila, I was leaning towards "Jose Cuervo" for a boy, or perhaps "Cabo-Wabo".

"Mahalia" might get me killed.

Tony said...

Dear Marc
I was delighted to hear from you, and note that neither you nor your wife are pregnant. If you spend all your time driving across town this is not too surprising.
I hope you were not expecting me to come up with some suggestions for names, for if so I must disappoint you because I have no idea which names are acceptable in Houston and which will cause people to run after your offspring in the street, shouting insults and throwing rotting garbage.
You could play safe and stick to classical monikers: Augustine for a boy, say, and Iphigenia for a girl.
Anyway, all the best to you both.

Froog said...

I think you were running out of steam a bit here, Tony, since your last 10 are really all rather common names (if not necessarily names that have often belonged to people who became famous in the English-speaking world).

I didn't guess that the Jedediah you would have in mind was the character from Kane. These days, I suspect, a more commonly recognised reference would be Jedediah Springfield, the legendary founder of The Simpsons' home town.

And I hadn't heard of Maundy Gregory. But I would be willing to place a small wager that somebody in the Thursday family has borne that name at one time.

Tony said...

All right, some of the names were not all that uncommon, except round where I live.

But so what? With most of them, you knew whom I had in mind.

You didn't actually say whether you got Jedediah or not; I expect you did and I don't care about people who know more about The Simpsons than about Kane.

Oddly, there is a character in The Man Who Was Thursday with the surname Gregory.