Sunday, 11 November 2007

Is that water-cannon trained on us?

I find all spectacular hats fascinating, but en masse they can be terrifying. I have no idea where these ladies were off to, or what they were advertising, or demanding; all I know is that they were in Brussels.

Perhaps they were just out to enjoy themselves, though it doesn't look much like it. Anyway, they were tremendously green, which must be a good thing, so let us hope they had a fun day, or a successful outcome, or whatever it was they were after.


Grumio said...

Demanding lower prices on organic slug pellets?

Condemning the rampant growth of leylandii?

Demanding lower prices on organic slugs?

Anyway, I am sure we are all very much behind whoever they are in insisting on whatever it is. Oh yes.

Tony said...

How kind!
I would pass on your message of support to these good ladies, if I knew who and where they were.
This post is a test of the breadth of OMF's readership; will I get a response from a Bruxellois or, more likely, a Bruxelloise, giving me the full details? Let us wait and see.

Hergé D'Artois said...


Cettes personnes sont nos amis et amies! C'était le jour du commencement de notre Festival – celui de 2007! Juste à gauche, là, c'est ma soeur, Éloise.

Allez les Bruxellois G et L!

Wim van der Wemper said...

Belachelijk. Onnodig.

Stuur het leger, ik zeg.

Maar uw website is zeergoed, iedereen het besprekingen ongeveer. Gelukwensen!

Hergé d'Artois said...


Vous avez qu'à cliquer sur mon nom!

Allez les Belgiques G et L!

Tony said...

Et voilà! Une réponse de la Belgique! Génial!
But you know, Hergé, I am suspicious. I have several louche friends who like to mischievously assume false personas in order to fool me.
I mean, any one could guess that it was a 2007 Festival, but which? The Tango Festival? the Cimatics Festival? the Domino Festival? The Nous Electronic Festival? The Retro Festival?
And I apologise to Eloise if I am wrong, but she sounds like a figment of someone's imagination.
The website your name links to suggests that it is the Gay and Lesbian Festival, but anyone can link to a website and I am still doubtful.
More details please. Convince me that you are absolutely sincere if you can. En français, s.v.p.

Tony said...

And as for you, Wim, I appreciate your complimentary comment but I am still doubtful.
Babel Fish translates "belachelijk, onnodig" as "ridiculous, impossible." What is? My suspicion? Their hats? The Festival?

zoe said...

Gay Pride took place ages ago in this country, and is for both men and women. Christ knows what this festival was for - The Green Party? Where did you get the picture from and i'll look it up for you - allez la Belgique - that's this sunday, but not dressed up in mad green hats.

besides, i look dreadful in green.

(hergé's link is to a gay festival on 17-26 January, 2008 ....)

he may be right. i only live here - forever.

Tony said...

Well, thank you, Zoe, but your comment arrived just as I was posting the answer, which you will find above.