Monday, 4 September 2006

Don’t go south of the river

Last Sunday’s edition of the usually trashy Observer colour supplement was packed with useful stuff, a real Thinking Person’s guide to life (or rather Life). You can learn from it, for example, that if you are a Gemini Wednesday’s new Moon promises home overhauls, that you can put blackberries instead of olives into your home-baked focaccia, and that if you are a discontented middle-aged woman with nothing in your life except a nice house, a loving husband and three children you should start a book club and let your husband put the kids to bed once a week.

But those who, like me, strive desperately to keep up with the modern world (I used the word zeitgeist in a post the other day so I mustn’t do it again) will turn eagerly to the Fashion section. Here you will discover that suits and boots are back in business and that the sharp-dressed man should be on the lookout for velvet, mohair and animal prints (actually I’m ahead of them there: my wardrobe contains little else). This is the sort of thing you should be aiming at:

(left) velvet jacket £528, striped shirt £290, green trousers £295, hat, price on request, shoes £418.
(right) velvet jacket £528, hoodie, £160, trousers, £366, shoes £418.

All this kit is available from Liberty’s of Regent Street, if you’ve got £3003 (plus the unknown cost of the hat), but if you and your mate wear it in the street you would be well advised not to leave W1:
But, officer, what do you mean, "Turn out your pockets, you little toe-rags"?

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Doris said...

I'm sure you could get change from £15 if you bought that entire outfit from one of our up-market charity shops.

No mention of how ridiculous the length of those trousers look?

Maybe the date of the magazine was early April.. someone has to be taking the mickey.