Wednesday, 20 September 2006

A disappointment

Yesterday I switched on the BBC one o'clock news while I was eating my lunch and heard "....the Prime Minister has confessed that he lied morning, evening and night..."
Then there were shots of burning cars and rampaging mobs. It says something about my perception of our government that it was fully thirty seconds before I realised that, having been masticating carelessly at the time, I had missed a crucial word: they had been talking about a speech made last May by the Hungarian Prime Minister.
Later, we heard that he had also said:
...we have screwed up. Not a little but a lot. No country in Europe has screwed up as much as we have... We have obviously lied throughout the past 18 to 24 months. It was perfectly clear that what we were saying was not true. ...We did not actually do anything for four years. Nothing. You cannot mention any significant government measures that we can be proud of, apart from the fact that in the end we managed to get governance out of the shit. Nothing. If we have to give an account to the country of what we have done in four years, what are we going to say?

It is unthinkable that our own leader would ever speak so colourfully and with such admirable candour. But Mr Ferenc Gyurcsany is not so different from Tony: he has said that he will vigorously suppress the riots and has absolutely no intention of resigning.

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