Monday, 17 April 2006

I bet it makes the corgis sick

When so many people nowadays think of religious festivals merely as holidays or excuses for gluttony it is good to hear that the Head of the Church of England understands their true meaning. Nick Crean, joint owner of Piccadilly-based Prestat, “the Queen’s chocolatier”, has again delivered the traditional Easter gift to Buckingham Palace—a 4lb egg stuffed with handmade truffles—and reports: “The Queen takes Easter very seriously and we make a very special egg for her”.

But this seems almost frugal compared with the way that the average householder apparently marks holy days: I have just been informed that my household contents insurance cover has been increased (without me asking) by £3,000 "during any month in which you celebrate a religious festival, to cover gifts and food bought for the occasion". This might give rise to false claims, since there are few months of the year in which no religious wingding takes place: who is to say that Zoroaster's birthday is not October 14th, and that the crate of Mumm which got smashed on that day had not been bought to celebrate the event?
Anyway, it is pleasant to think that if my house burnt down this month I could claim for a bottle of Saussignac...

and this.......

(though that would be dishonest, for these items are in my house over Easter to celebrate my birthday and not the resurrection of Jesus Christ or even Zoroaster).

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