Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Watch out, Columbia SC

Yes, well, in the previous post I set out to report on a clever plan devised by an American religious organisation to enable their adherents to gain political power, but when I started to write about their target – South Carolina – I got sidetracked into going on about dining cars and Eartha Kitt. I shall start again:

The project is called Christian Exodus and if you find what follows hard to understand their website explains it in some detail. They believe that the US government under President Bush is committing atrocities by being soft on abortion, allowing the discredited theory of Darwinian evolution to be taught in schools, celebrating sodomy, and planning to outlaw the preaching of Christianity.

They are not at all pleased about this and have devised a strategy whereby, rather than spending resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, they will redeem States one at a time. As they quite rightly point out, “millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level”. Therefore, they will concentrate their numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government they can control through the electoral process.

What they are doing is moving thousands of Christian constitutionalists to specific cities and counties in South Carolina through a series of emigrations, believing “the values of this state to be very similar to the values held by our membership”.

The first move will begin when their organisation has 12,000 members, who will be “encouraged” to move to a selected city and county. “That number of activist émigrés, when combined with the present Christian electorate, will enable us to win the city council, the county council, elected law enforcement positions, and elected judgeships. We will then be able to protect our God-given and constitutionally protected rights within our local community.”

They reckon to move thousands into South Carolina by the end of 2008 and then start their political campaigns. This is only Phase One, of course; as migration proceeds, city, county and then state will fall, probably by 2016, and at that point there could be secession from the Union.

I can see several ways in which this plan may run into difficulties, but in a nation where, according to an opinion poll in the 1990s, 3.7 million people say they have been kidnapped by extra-terrestrials, anything is possible. It would be wrong for a foreigner to comment, but for the British there is some resonance with the 1980s misdeeds of Dame Shirley Porter, the "homes for votes" scandal, involving selling empty council houses and flats in Tory marginal wards to the professional middle classes and forcing the homeless to live outside the borough. But that of course was illegal, whereas Christian Exodus is presumably not; you couldn’t charge hundreds of thousands of migrants with gerrymandering, though the organisers might be at risk.


Chameleon said...

Thankfully I have fully recovered from Christian fundamentalism and can finally hold my head up high as an atheist and feminist. In fact, the final trace of the virus in my system is that I am a fundamentalist anti-fundamentalist! The prospect of a takeover by perfectly constitutional means is truly blood-curdling (and terrifyingly reminiscent of interbellum Germany if you will forgive the comparison). On a lighter note, I have read that within a hundred years or so Elvis worship may well develop into a full-blown Messianic religion - so let's hope that the disciples of His Holy Pelvisness will stamp the crucifix-bearers under their blue suede shoes ;)))

Ms Bees Knees said...

From a previous post on my blog, I stated, and feel the need to repeat it here "America is Ailing...she seems to be impregnated by Christian Fundamentalism and is in dire need of an abortion."

Enough said. Those assholes taking over my country!? Over my dead body...

Grumio said...

Am I missing something here? Surely the current problem is that all those looney Christians are spread too wide so they have influence over the impressionable and weak in many states, thus leading to the bufferoony of electing that man whose name I forget but I can see his face? If they all move to, say South Carolina, and as a result South Carolina secedes, they can get on with their preposterous sermonising, make blasphemy a capital offence and hold endless religious-themed clambakes and the rest of the union, indeed the rest of the world, can get on with our idle chat, blaspheming and casual sex to our hearts' contents (chance would be a fine thing). Hurrah for Christian Exodus I say, where can I donate Greyhound tickets?

Grumio said...

I am sorry I know I am not supposed to post twice in a row here but here is a delightful from Christian Exodus FAQ on their website:


"Didn't Jesus come to bring all people together regardless of their beliefs?

Christian Exodus Answer:



Jamie said...

Priceless? Maybe. They're right though, or haven't you read the Bible, Grumio?

Jamie said...

That is, right regarding their statement that Jesus didn't come to bring all people, regardless of their beliefs, together.

I don't agree with their larger premise.

Grumio said...

I started reading it but it really loses its way after early promise. After the extensive begatting I found it tails off rather, so I switched to the Screwtape Letters.

Tony said...

Good thinking, Grumio. The only thing is that it will be a bit hard on the decent citizens of South Carolina to have all these loonies descending on them. And I have forgiven them for being horrid to Eartha Kitt all those years ago because they made it up to her with a rapturous reception when she went back for a gis there years later.
msbeesnees, Grumio's point may make you feel better, unless you happen to live in SC.
Jamie, you really mustn't jump to conclusions about people. Grumio was not expressing an opinion on the validity of Christian Exodus' peculiar beliefs; from the little I know about him he is a kindly, broad-minded and well-read person and not a man likely to condemn anyone for being odd. No, I think here he was merely complimenting these people on the admirable terseness of their response to this question, without commenting on its veracity.
I am sorry he has given a frivolous answer to your question. You must not be offended; he is very young and likes to make jokes.

Tony said...

OF COURSE I meant "gig"