Monday, 8 November 2004

Phone company launches foolish and illegal war

There's no doubt about the winner of this month's Being Out of Touch With World Opinion Prize.
A company called Toucan, "part of major global telecoms provider IDT", is running quarterpage advertisements with the theme:

What do BT and John Kerry have in common?
They both came second.
And look who came first.
(uSwitch Service Ratings November 2004: 1st Toucan, 2nd BT)

I wouldn't have thought it was possible, with one ad, to give your company a thoroughly unsavoury image and at the same time make people feel warm towards our own much disliked BT. Bravo!

Or are they well aware of the extent to which most of the world despises George W Bush, and this is intended as brilliant irony? Shall we all try to find out by calling 0800 0613535 and asking Toucan's Press Office?

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