Sunday, 14 November 2004

Lunching aloft

This is what it was like in 1927:

LUXURY IN AIR TRAVEL: Passengers enjoying a meal while rushing at 100 miles an hour, high through the air, on a journey between London and Paris.

And this was the aircraft. Is that the pilot's windscreen near the front, on top?

A TRIPLE-ENGINED "ARGOSY". Twenty people can be seated.

Nowadays of course, things are quite different. The flight takes a quarter of the time and the whole London-Paris journey twice as long. Bring your own sandwiches.


Ms Bees Knees said...

Bring your own sandwich... seriously. Words to live by. While flying from Glasgow to Heathrow, the breakfast served was greasy ham, with greasy sausage, with greasy scrambled eggs. I thought I was going to hurl.

SEV said...

only too true.. don't forget the humanity and the crowds.. and last of all the seating..
we have progressed