Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Wear My Hat

Other Men's Flowers has attracted some criticism for being frivolous and aimed almost entirely at the very young. I am told it lacks gravitas and offers practically nothing of interest to those nearing the end of long and useful lives spent mostly in the service of others.

HERE, then, is a little treat for all those good people who need to have their glasses changed twice a year and their feet done every month. It is a performance by a Mr Philip Collins, born in Chiswick in 1951 and, happily, still with us and getting about quite briskly.
( It may take a while to load unless you have broadband. Then click on WATCH THIS MOVIE. )

This interesting fragment of the old fellow’s work was brought to my attention by my friend Lynn, Queen of the Blog Rings.

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Astolath said...

Nice one!

I'm not a fan of the man's solo work, but considering that I listen to Genesis' 'Selling England By The Pound' at least once a week, I'll give him his due as a great drummer.

Incidentally, said album features one of his first solo vocal performances and is unfortunately the low-point on the CD.

Perhaps you should returen to less serious matters now?