Saturday, 21 August 2004

El momento de la verdad

Dalmatians used to run along behind the carriage, to great decorative effect. This didn't require a great deal of intelligence, and it is true that they are not really very bright, but they have lovely natures and a fetching way of wrinkling their noses in a sort of smile and then giving a sneeze like a sort of laugh.

The original Laika was not a Dalmatian, but the word means "barker" so it wasn't a bad name for ours. She was liver-spotted, elegant and with all the sweetness and dimness typical of her breed: she was eager to do absolutely anything you wanted, but was quite incapable of working out what it was that you were asking.

Here, she has clearly given up wondering what on earth she is expected to do.


Anonymous said...

I have sympathy with her, I wouldn't be quite sure what to do with a man in a pink satin suit wafting a large red hanky either!


Tony said...

Pink satin and red hanky, well really! The 10-year-old man is wearing the Torero Traje de Luces and holding the Muleta ready to use it to hide the Estoque.