Sunday, 29 August 2004

Elementary, again

When you come to the world of weblogs for the first time and look at a few dozen of them you will probably find to your horror that they are written by foul-mouthed illiterates, self-obsessed juveniles (of all ages), Jesus freaks, assorted bigots and swivel-eyed fruitcakes. You might then assume that all blogs are like this.

Not true: well, not quite. There are indeed millions of this kind but there are also thousands written by witty, erudite or thoughtful people - and some who are all three. com2 mis2

So, while you are clicking through the acres of tedious garbage you will sometimes come across shining treasures.

For example, last month I wrote the last of several pieces about aluminium (now there's a topic to stir the blood!), and put in a link to Tom Lehrer's song about the elements. I have now discovered a far better source for the song which also gives you Mike Stanfill's brilliant animation of it. This is a real joy and not to be missed.


PerfectlyVocal said...

That is a fantastic animation. I will never be able to listen to Gilbert and Sullivan again without words flashing before my eyes!

Tony said...

Yes, marvellous, isn't it? I wouldn't have thought anything could be added to Tom Lehrer, but this does.

Robin said...

Tony, I could not agree with you more about what does seem to be the great majority of weblogs. I am always so delighted to find discover a weblog written by an intelligent and thoughtful grownup.

And thank you for the lovely compliment. As they say here in the States, back at you! You're nothing if not urbane, yourself.

Also want to say that, yes, there is nothing so useful as a well-placed semicolon, unless you count in the long dash.


PerfectlyVocal said...

Watching this sequence again, I wonder what Victor Borge might have made of it?