Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Why the Sunday Times is rubbish, Part 163

Last Sunday's edition was typical. The front page was dominated by a photograph and an article on Kate McCann, and the "News" Review devoted pages 1 to 3 to an extract from her forthcoming book and six more photos.
Everyone sympathises with Mrs McCann, and no-one would blame her for keeping alive the tragic story of the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, but it was disingenuous of the ST to push these non-revelations with the subhead: "Here she tells what really happened that terrible night". After four years it would certainly be good to know what really happened, but of course the extract, and presumably the book, contains nothing new of any importance.

Much of the rest of the paper was devoted to Bin Laden, more details of billionaires and the usual unsavoury stuff from the ST's repugnant columnists.

This week, as a bonus, there was a 104-page supplement slobbering over the achievements, or luck, of a great many very very rich people.

I buy the rag only because it comes with a handy section covering books, the arts and comprehensive TV listings. Like most people, I can get all the news I want from the dailies, the internet and television.



Grumio said...

Grumio thinks you should stop buying it. So the TV schedule is laid out fine. Big deal. It's a rotten rag owned by a tax-dodging, policeman-bribing, smeg-mongering crook. It's time to drop it.

Tony said...

Glad you agree. I had downloaded the iPad TV guide but it's not so convenient for programming my Humax.