Wednesday, 25 May 2011

True prophets

My friend Grumio and I were not among the countless billions who prepared to be whisked up to Paradise last week, or alternatively to be left down here to suffer a bit and then die miserably. You see, we knew that there was no hurry, because the smart money said that these happenings were still some way off.

During a trip to the States some years ago, we had had the privilege of meeting Septimus and George, two brothers who have made much more authoritative prophesies. You can tell from a glance at 
their lavishly illustrated website (and check out their profiles) that they are not misguided amateurs like that Camping fellow, but the real McCoy, top-level seers whose word is to be trusted.

We are advising all our friends to take their time to prepare properly, not forgetting provision for their pets, and then cash in all their investments and have a real good time in the coming months.



Elizabeth said...

How selfish of them not share details of their secret hideaway and possibly, inconsistent?

Tony said...

But, as I am sure you know, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. George writes under the pen-name of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elizabeth said...

Eeeh by gum.