Monday, 24 May 2010


One of the nastiest columns in the increasingly rabid Sunday Times is written by one Rod Liddle and consists mainly of cheap sneers targeted at anything he dislikes. This week, however, he was replaced by A. A. Gill, another hack in the Jeremy Clarkson mould, whose piece has outdone Liddle in offensiveness.

In a feeble piece sniping at the Olympic mascots, which are named Wenlock and Mandeville, Gill writes: "...Stoke Mandeville, the hospital where drunk ex-motorcyclists go to get fitted with head wands and bibs".

Anyone who knows what is done at Stoke Mandeville will find this an utterly despicable jibe. Gill should be ashamed of writing it, and the Sunday Times of publishing it.


Minerva said...

That really was a rant and a half! Did you get on top of the proverbial soap box?
I have to say that as slippery as that view is, and I agree it is, I love the way AA Gill writes his restaurant reviews.
They are, in themselves, gourmet usually so what a shame this disappoints...
And yes, I am waiting for the usual diatribe about my broken syntax...

Tony said...

Talking to me of rants and and soap boxes is inexcusable, offensive and unworthy of you. What I wrote was a reasonable expression of disgust at an appalling comment.

I take the ST only because it has nicely presented TV listings. I do not read this lout's opinion on meals he has enjoyed, or the mouthings of any of their other demented columnists.