Monday, 24 August 2009

One thousand up

What to publish for the millenary* post in Other Men's Flowers? How about some pointless statistics such as that every month for five and a half years around fifteen Omfposts (as aficionados call them) have been published, each month's batch containing on average 4,151 words, 14 links and 8 pictures, and eliciting 22 comments?

No, those figures are all quite accurate but not at bit interesting; better to list a few Omfposts which typify the style and content of the blog. Here are some:

The Story of Ginger Biscuits;
A frank account of an embarrassing experience I had in 1958;
Twenty-five questions about obscure Victorian novels, with answers;
Something scurrilous about a well-loved national figure;
Some thoughts on people who profess enthusiasm for the Tory party or Jesus or homeopathy;
A rude limerick in Portuguese;
A selection of witticisms lifted without acknowledgement from the works of Frank Muir;
A review of a play which I very nearly went to see last week;
Key paragraphs from Schopenhauer's Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung;
Some notes on ringworm from an article in the British Medical Journal, August 1925;
A nice photo of a man in a funny hat;

These are imaginary, but all are typical, and redolent of the profound superficiality, the careful insouciance, the consistently erratic approach and the gentle Schrecklichkeit which have made Other Men's Flowers essential reading for top international Leichenbegleiteren ever since it started publication in January 2004. The list itself gives a good idea of the blog's flavour, so I will leave it at that: THIS IS OMFPOST 1000.

[*i.e. one-thousandth, not to be confused with posts about millinery (women's hats), of which there are many among these.]


Corey 0 said...

Congrats on 1K, Tony.

Also, posting pictures of funny hats on strange men will never get old.

Tony said...

Why, thank you, old friend. Greetings to you too.

Grumio said...

Congratulations from all at the Dog & Duck.

And may your scharfsinniggettroppen continue to enliven your unique geringforschungstimmungtypischen!


Elizabeth said...

My serendipitous discovery: OMF; quirky, fascinating, engagingly written: I hope you will produce thousands more.

Tony said...

So two more old friends have sent me greetings. How kind people are!

Froog said...

Sorry to be a little slow in offering my congratulations, Tony. The nasty censor man in China is making life difficult again. Too much exposure to OMF could obviously bring the whole Communist Party edifice crashing down.

I hope the next 1,000 will indeed include a definitive history of ginger biscuits.

Tony said...

Thank you, Froog. Now I feel mean about having failed to congratulate you on your 3000th, but when you announced this milestone I was heavily occupied in making the arrangements for the Annual International Festival of Proctology which this year was held in Frinton (and was a huge success).
Anyway, congratulations. So your output is at the rate of one thousand every year! That puts my blog in the shade, though I have to say that many of your posts are a bit on the terse side and lack that mind-rotting longwindedness which is OMF's hallmark.