Saturday, 24 January 2009

No news is bad news

In 2005 I lost contact with an internet friend; his blog had disappeared and his email address became inactive. He had set out to travel from Albuquerque to Oaxaca in a camper, and was describing on line, with wit and perception, his adventures and encounters on the road. The only possible explanation for his sudden silence was that something had happened to him before he reached his destination.

I had no real hope that he would renew contact, but I really wanted to know what had become of him. So I wrote about him in a post a couple of years later, imagining that perhaps someone who had encountered him on his travels, or who had known him before he set off, might read it and leave a comment. Of course this was a preposterous notion; I heard nothing more, and lost hope. Sadly, I had never downloaded and kept any of his blog.

So this is just a valediction. Farewell, Miguel: it was a privilege to know you.

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