Tuesday, 4 November 2008

They could, and they did

November 4th 2008

It's five minutes to midnight here in the UK and five minutes to seven in Washington DC. It looks as if the result most of the world hopes for will be achieved tonight, so now we can all go to sleep.

That's all right then, and we uncharitable curmudgeons have a new source of delight to sustain us through financial catastrophe and a hard winter: our schadenfreude (no italics: the word was appropriated by English-speakers more than 150 years ago) will keep us warm and chuckling.

It will be immensely pleasurable to contemplate the discomfiture, anger and fear of thousands of gun-toting Christian fundamentalists, neo-cons, creationists and all the other mindless nasties as they slowly realise that they are in a minority, being greatly outnumbered by millions of evil ant-eye-American commie-loving gun-hating libtards, the spawn of Satan, led by the socialist Antichrist himself, against whom they have struggled in vain for so long. It will be quite a revelation to them, and not the one from which they are so fond of quoting.

But we shall all miss Sarah Palin: the Ignorant Bigotry Show will be no fun without her.


eric said...

I wish I could believe that this really was the end of the Ignorant Bigotry Show; but alas, I fear it is merely intermission.

But, at least for tonight, I'm setting aside my cynicism and pessimism, and smiling, along with much of the world.

Grumio said...

That nice young man won! How very good, I am so pleased for him. His family must be SO proud.

He'll want a nice lie down before choosing curtains and things, don't you think?

Tony said...

Eric: Yes indeed, but I never suggested that the IB Show was over, merely that there's nothing in it now to laugh at.

I'm grinning too. Cynicism returns next week

Tony said...

Grumio: But this is a man who plans for the future: drapes already chosen, order was subject to confirmation until now.

Froog said...

I still find it rather alarming how many people didn't vote for him. More than half of the white males who turned out! That entrenched redneck 'culture' may persist for centuries, I fear.

More exciting, I think, than the fact that some of the country is finally getting over its racist hang-ups, is that he's probably the most intelligent President they will have had in over 100 years.

(Much was made of Clinton's IQ - mainly by his own 'spin doctors' - but to me he always seemed to be all smarm, ambition, and unprincipled shrewdness rather than real sagacity.)