Saturday, 22 November 2008

Rejoicing in Thimphu

Over the past five years forty-four hats have been featured in Other Men's Flowers. They are variously impressive, frightening, preposterous, awe-inspiring, puzzling, of historical significance or just good for a laugh, and have nothing in common except that at some point in history they have been put on someone's head.

Until now, none of them have been pretty, but this one is. So too is its wearer, who could easily be a new and instantly popular character in any soap. In fact, he is the fifth king of Bhutan and his name is Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. He was crowned earlier this month by his father, the former king who resigned in 2006.

His crown is unusual as crowns go in that it looks really comfy (and certainly it is much more fetching than the one his fellow Himalayan monarch, King Gyanendra of Nepal, was forced to wear). The thing on top of it I took to be a model of a Buddhist monk, but in fact is a raven's head, and the whole thing is called the Raven Crown, which inexplicably makes its wearer the druk gyalpo, or Dragon King.


Froog said...

A handsome fellow, indeed. He is uncannily similar to the leading actor in a Korean soap opera I was watching last night. Is the young king leading a double life, do you suppose?

Tony said...

Triple. Don't forget he's
also the barmaid in Coronation Street.

Froog said...

Ah, I'm so out of touch with Corrie!

Any dastardly royal uncles scheming to pull off a Prisoner of Zenda switch will have plenty of 'talent' to choose from, it seems.

I wonder if I should try Googling "royal lookalikes"+Bhutan.