Monday, 3 December 2007

One for the diary

Really Magazine reports that The University of British Columbia, the main centre for A/r/tographic Research, is running a course from January to April 2008 which will examine :

... the relational ways of knowing inherent in the renderings and reflections found in a/r/tography as an approach to research that is attentive to the sensual, tactile, auditory, performative and unsaid aspects of artist-teacher lives.

As any fule no, a/r/tography “develops the relationship between embodiment and ethics as a being-with”. I am not too proud to admit that I find this a fairly difficult concept to grasp, though Really Magazine kindly supplies a link HERE to some further explanatory notes (called, of course, renderings) with some rather pretty backgrounds (you have to run your mouse over the numbers to reveal them).

Unfortunately, I have several major commitments in January, and anyway the course is probably already over-subscribed.

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