Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Doing it twice in a day

Last Thursday was the first time I’d attempted this for many years. I hardly ever did it even in my twenties, though three times a week was nothing out of the ordinary for me. In those days twice in a day was actually less demanding than it is now because it all took rather less time, while nowadays just doing it once can take two and a half hours or more.

However, back then there was a risk of getting backache if you did it too often. One day last week we were encouraged to try it twice because of our recent discovery of a really comfortable place to do it. I mean, of course, watching a film.

And both the films we wanted to see were showing there on the same day, so we caught Brick Lane at 12.30, nipped out for a snack and a glass of wine and went back in at 2.30 for Earth, which moved for us.


mrvilhauer said...

My wife and I have become entranced by the Planet Earth series, though ours isn't narrated by David Attenborough.

It's narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

Because, apparently, we can't take a beautiful documentary seriously without the woman from the Alien series.

Tony said...

We were happy that Earth, the cinema version of Planet Earth, was narrated by Patrick Stewart and not by Attenborough, of whose voice some of us are a little tired.

Minerva said...

This is quite shockingly tabloid for you.. I am surprised Tony, and not a little shocked!


(Because I know how much you appreciate the gaps in my messages)


Tony said...

You mean you misunderstood the first two paragraphs?

Shame on you, Min.


Nice to hear from you, though.

As always.