Sunday, 30 September 2007


I had intended to write for today’s post a rather critical review of Hey there, Ludwig!, Hans Thielemann’s new best-seller—over-praised, in my opinion—analysing Wittgenstein’s seminal 1921 treatise Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung, but halfway through I got bogged down in trying to unravel the morphological and semantic confusions which are so often apparent in Thielemann’s recent work. So I decided to chuck it, retaining only this photograph of dear old LW looking rather cross.

Instead, I shall recount an incident which occurred, or rather, didn't occur, the other day in my local butcher’s shop.

The butcher was joking with a woman standing next to me at the counter, saying that clearly she liked her bacon as she liked her men. I had not heard what prompted his cheeky remark and later I discovered that it was because she had asked for half a dozen rashers of something really tasty, unsmoked and not thick, but for one delirious moment I imagined that perhaps, aware I was within earshot, she had made an oblique pass at me, saying she fancied something crinkly at the edges and with plenty of fat.


Jen said...

Now that DID make me chuckle X

Tony said...

Yes, Jen, old Witters is always good for a laugh, isn't he?

Jen said...

I do hope so!