Friday, 28 September 2007

Get out of hell FREE

We all have credit cards which encourage us to commit the sins of improvidence and excessive consumption while charging us heavily for doing so. It is refreshing, therefore, to come across an altruistic organisation called Faith Brokers which provides, without any charges, a way of obtaining absolution and avoiding not only the consequences of these but also of all other sins we have committed, or plan to commit in the future.

It offers a range of cards suitable for every level of turpitude:
The Convenience Sin Card for the occasional sinner (covers up to 5 venial sins a week)
The Gold Sin Card for everyday sins (covers up to 3 venial sins a day)
The Platinum Sin Card for heavy sinners (covers up to 20 venial sins a day)

There is also a range of other free services available such as No Confession Insurance and a Mortal Sinners Program.

Full details are HERE.

[Thanks to the salutary blog Debris for bringing this to my attention.]

1 comment:

Grumio said...

Do they do a Black (As Your Soul) Card for unlimited sinning?
And Frequent Sinner points?