Monday, 1 January 2007

Now we are three

Another birthday for OMF, now with 525 posts containing 136,000 words, 230 pictures, 476 links and 834 comments.

A Happy New Year to almost everyone.

I don't need to name the two public figures, both with names beginning with B, to whom I wish bad scran (an Anglo-Irish expression, according to the OED).


Ruth said...

Happy New Year,Tony and Happy Birthday, OMF.
I think the English word "scrawny" derives from scran (pronounced scrawn) but I haven't checked.

Tony said...

HNY to you too, Ruth.

You may be right, but according to those clever men at Oxford who, you will remember, know all there is to be knowed, there is no known connection between scran (eatables), of obscure origin, and scrawny, a variant of scranny, or scrannel, which may link to the Norse skran (shrivelled), or may not.