Friday, 19 January 2007

Here they come

Reproducing a cartoon from a magazine in your blog is a fairly contemptible thing to do, so I must make it clear that it is only in order to let American readers know of the fun in store for them in a few months' time that I offer the following, which appeared this week in Private Eye:



The Continental Op said...

But who is the gentleman in the tie?

Hugh said...

You wouldn't have heard of him; he used to play lead guitar in Ugly Rumours and is said to own a Fender given him as a freebie in 2002.

The Continental Op said...

Doh! I didn't recognize him in that photo. His face looks so puffy.

Tinkerbell And Squidge said...

I shall hold my contempt in abeyance and view this entry as a temporary aberration on your part!

Especially as it made me smile in a grimacing sort of way.

Tinkerbell & Squidge