Sunday, 27 August 2006

How he would have enjoyed this!

It has recently been revealed that in some rural areas of China it has been common practice to hold a striptease show at funerals in order to boost the number of mourners, as large crowds are seen as a mark of honour. Sadly, local officials have ordered a halt to such “obscene performances” and arrested the leaders of five striptease troupes. A hotline has been opened for the reporting, for a reward, of “funeral misdeeds”.

Clearly the shows had always been successful in pulling in the crowds, following the principle expressed in a remark said to have been made at the hugely well-attended funeral of the Hollywood mogul Louis B Mayer*:
"It only proves what they always say—give the people what they want to see and they'll come out for it."

*(or possibly that of Harry Cohn, of whom Hedda Hopper said “You had to stand in line to hate him”.)

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