Thursday, 19 January 2006

That sounds good

I imagined—and, indeed, asserted—that the title of my previous post was a good one for exciting readers’ interest, but of course in my innocence I had forgotten that a title which promises nothing to the prurient can never be of universal appeal, particularly if it is very long and cryptic in a dull sort of way.

Someone who understands this very well is a major league fruitcake called David Jay Jordan who lives in Canada. His colourful and exuberant website has attracted over a million hits over the last five years and one can see why, for it has something for everyone.

Most visitors to his pages will probably not bother with the links to items like I was one of Canada’s Ten Most Wanted, or Basketball for Jesus, or Geography Mysteries, and indeed these lead to nothing very exciting.

Feminists might want to check out his Wonderful Women webpage covering Twelve Women Apostles of Jesus, Feminine Holy Spirit, Women Warrior Poems, etc, but they will find little to inspire them there.
A great number of his page titles, however, feature the key word which attracts those who spend their days trawling the net for titillation They will want to go straight to Sexual Mysteries; few people in search of lewdness, or even, for the most depraved, a bit of hardcore, could resist the lure of links to Sexual Dancing, Sex Is Divine, Chocolate Sex, Fish Sex and the Bible, and 130 Years of Recreational Sex.

Following these, however, may lead to disappointment; for example, Mr Jordan tells us that the 130 years which sound like fun are merely those between the Creation and the birth of Seth, when Adam and Eve "just kept doing what came natural, until the Lord eventually blessed them with another son to replace their beloved Able".

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