Sunday, 1 January 2006

Happy Birthday!

Two years old today!
It’s an exciting age: using new words all the time and sometimes getting them almost right, generally with a sunny disposition but occasionally spiteful, stubborn or wilful, possessing a short attention span and easily distracted, constantly demanding praise and re-assurance but often affectionate, and very nearly potty-trained.

Yes, Other Men's Flowers has come a long way since 1st January 2004: today it contains 344 posts (listed and described here) with 115 pictures, 304 links, 614 comments and 85,754 words.
That is, on average, 17.2 words an hour, assuming a 48-hour working week with no holidays.
Put that way I suppose it doesn’t sound very many. I would drive myself, like the mighty Boxer, to work harder, except that this led to him being carried away, hooves feebly drumming, in the knacker’s van. However, a favourite correspondent has assured me that, whatever the deficiencies of OMF, she will come to my rescue if there is any likelihood of me being boiled down to make glue.
[Those who have no idea what that last paragraph is all about should not ask or attempt to comment because they will be first insulted and then deleted, and those who do know need not show off by telling me. So there.]

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