Saturday, 3 September 2005

How to co-ordinate an emergency

Yesterday Baton Rouge’s emergency co-ordinator, Irma Plummer, tears in her eyes, asked God to help the town: You have reminded us of how strong you are and we yield and acknowledge that. Right now, Father, we pray first for your protection and your grace which is unceasing and unfailing ... I don't even know what to ask for today, Lord. I don't even know what will beset us today. (The Guardian)

Such an official might be expected to have some idea of what to ask for, a better idea of who to ask, and something less dispiriting to say. God is not usually blamed for natural disasters because it’s all our (or Adam’s) fault for being sinful; this woman appears to believe that the old monster killed ten thousand people on a whim, just to demonstrate his omnipotence.


Marc said...

The local officials there are in way over their heads (no pun intended), so that sort of statement doesn't suprise me at all. The federal (national) officials are trying to pick up the ball. I'm just hoping ol' chimpy has more level headed people working for him.

As far as God killing thousands of people on a whim? Meh. He's done it before, so I wouldn't put it past him to try that shit again. Now Ganesha, there's a deity who'd NEVER do anything so attention-whore-ish.

Tony said...

What? Ganesha? The Elephant God? Oh, come on Marc, you might just as well join the GOP and worship their Monkey God.