Monday, 5 September 2005

Chalala chalala chalala-loo, diddle-oo diddle-oo diddle-oo

A fair and comprehensive review of any performance or work of art of any kind must examine the following:
What is the artist trying to achieve?
How well has it been achieved?
Has it been done before?
Was it worth doing?

In the case of the work of the egregious Australian diva Margaret Schneider, the first question is difficult to answer, and the answers to the others are, respectively: probably quite well, probably not, and definitely not.
Music-lovers will want to confirm this by going HERE and clicking on the first excerpt listed. This contains two brief pieces; do not switch off after the first—it is the second which gives this post its title.

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PerfectlyVocal said...

I do so love meaningful lyrics. Eat your heart out Lerner and Loewe