Thursday, 9 June 2005


In an informal context (like down the pub) I sometimes permit close friends to refer to this blog by its initials. One might think that these form a fairly uncommon or even unique group of letters but of course on the internet nothing is uncommon and if you search with Google for websites containing the letters OMF you will get 353,000 references, including 18,700 in the UK alone.

It may be that my OMF is among these somewhere, along with the websites devoted to Optically Magnified Facets, the Oscar Moore Foundation, and the “comprehensive news portal for dental professionals” which tells you all you need to know about Oral & MaxilloFacial surgery, but the websites that Google’s clever algorithms bring to the top seem mostly to concern an organisation founded in 1865 by the splendidly hirsute Hudson Taylor....

....which is still looking for “called, creative, committed co-workers to glorify God through the urgent evangelisation of Asias billions”.
As this is not really for me – I find the climate in most Asian countries very trying – I did not read far enough to find out what their OMF actually stands for.

However, if you put "Other Men's Flowers" into Google, you get 4,360 results. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th places in the list are taken by this blog, with Lord Wavell and Michel de Montaigne tagging along behind, so that’s all right.


Anonymous said...

Do you often see your friends down the pub?

Tony said...

Where else?

Anonymous said...

1st, 2nd and 3rd place! ... In the google Olympics, you're at the top of the podium, wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, listening to 'God Save the Queen', receiving lucrative endorsements for floral bath products, and possibly even being knighted at Buckingham Palace.

Sir Tony, O.M.F. Ph.D Blog.Ed

Great White North Boy

Tony said...

No no, GWNB, I declined the knighthood because I'm hoping for a bishopric.

Melissa said...

Overseas Missionary Fellowship


(I found your blog by Googling OMF)

Tony said...

Oh Melissa, what a dreadful disappointment for you! But it could have been worse - you might have got yourself involved in Oral & MaxilloFacial surgery, which you would have found even more distressing than Other Men's Flowers.