Thursday, 21 April 2005

Spectacle in St Peter's Basilica

Isn't this a gorgeous and awe-inspiring sight! Just imagine how impressed Jesus of Nazareth would have been!


Anonymous said...

He'd probably look down at his manicured feet in their red leather Birkenstocks, and say to himself: "You've come a long way from the stable, JC baby!"

Great White North Boy

Tony said...

Begone, you swine! I'll hear no more of your blasphemous utterances!

Hugh said...

Well, that told him, didn't it? Is he by any chance a person of North American extraction? What in the name of Doc Martens is a Birkenstock?

Joel said...

I am Canadian, of Dutch and English extraction.

A Birkenstok is a kind of leather sandle made in Germany, and mostly worn by granola eating vegans, latter day hippies, new agers and a certain breed of hip, young, green, activist students know, the kind who sell papal robes of eBay etc.

Great White North Boy

amelitaga said...

Dutch/English, eh? Well, that's your hard luck, son.
Yes, I know what Birkenstoks are, but what are these Birkenstocks you refer to?

Joel said...

Oh, I see ...mea culpa! *grovelling with embarassment*

I spelled it correctly in my second post; does that make atone enough for the first?

Great White North Boy

joel said...

(delete the word 'make' from the above post) Forgive me, for I have been studying for so long my brain feels like its been stirred with a muddy stick).


Tony said...

Well, that's one way of spelling embarrassment, I suppose.

Tony said...

And its meaning it has needs an apostrophe. Study harder.