Monday, 7 February 2005

Diamonds in the dross

Few people really enjoy scrabbling about with their bare hands in heaps of evil-smelling and possibly toxic substances in the thin hope of finding a valuable pearl, or poring through a discoloured tome written in mediaeval Icelandic in case it might contain some revelation which will astound the world.

So it is with blogs. If you come to one after it has been going for some time, you will not want to delve into years of archives just to see if there is anything worth while buried among all those acres of turgid prose, most of which will be out of date and probably wasn’t worth reading in the first place.

But with Other Men's Flowers you can save time: just go to the complete list of posts by clicking here, where their contents are described. Even then, of course, you might not find anything of interest.

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