Friday, 14 January 2005

Harry again

One of my American correspondents finds it deeply shocking that Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a party. I do not think this is the right word, for it suggests surprise, and there is nothing surprising about it. Born into that family, it was quite likely that he would turn out to be an arrogant, ignorant, stupid young man, and had already given some indication that indeed he is just that.

No-one seems to have pointed out that his elder brother, the heir to the throne, was also at the party and was perhaps the only one there who might have had the authority – and the nerve - to say Get that kit off, you prat; but evidently he didn’t, and this may not be surprising either.

I blame the parents, you know. And the grandparents. The stupidity they could have done nothing about, but the arrogance and ignorance must have come from his upbringing.
Later: It now emerges that William actually went with Harry to collect their costumes, so he is evidently just as ignorant. These clowns were educated at our expense—can we have our money back please?


PerfectlyVocal said...

Hear, hear. I was wondering whether he had got into his costume in complete isolation, and thinking that surely someone else would have had the sense, or common decency to point out how offensive this gesture was. I wasn't surprised, but jaded to learn that the party was entitled "Colonials and Natives". I too demand a full refund.

Robin said...

The THEME of the party was "Colonials and Natives?" Sorry, but when you run around with a crowd that would actually throw a such a bash, it's not surprising that you might be inherently lacking in taste or tact. For whatever reason.

Not being a Royals watcher, I've up until now had very little to say about them in terms of an opinion one way or another. This incident, however, has changed that. I am offended, yes, and frankly disgusted.

Sorry, but I have to wonder if this would have happened if Di had still been alive. I'd never seen her as one of the century's Great Minds, but always assumed she was basically well-intended. I may be wrong about her, though, so feel free to enlighten me, anyone.

And finally: Not that I don't think someone over here in the States has thrown the odd "Masters and Slaves" costume do.

Robin said...

erratum: should be "throw such a bash" not "throw a such a bash."

Heat of the moment and all...

Tony said...

Ah, Robin. I think you are asking me for an opinion on The People's Princess, and I have to be very careful what I say. Seven years ago I lost a few American friends when they sent me condolences and I replied to the effect that while of course it was tragic that any young mother should die, if a couple of celebs had to go I could do without Dodi and Di, and that sobbing in the streets and all the shops shut for the mistress of a dodgy Egyptian playboy seemed a bit excessive. (A few years earlier I had also upset American friends who complimented me on our great leader and couldn't understand when I said that for me Thatcher had done more harm to Great Britain than anyone since the Luftwaffe).
But I digress. One can have some sympathy for a child coming from the ghastly Spencers and then getting involved with the appalling Windsors, but I had always thought she was awful - sly, manipulative and utterly self-absorbed.
And I could never participate in the general adulation of her. There is a magazine called The Big Issue sold on the streets in aid of the homeless, but I have never bought a copy since they made her Woman of the Year; leading a life of unimaginable luxury and privilege, like all our royals, what she spent on hairdressing alone would have housed a hundred. How close all her charities were to her heart was revealed by her will, which left nothing at all to them but merely added to her sons' multi-millions.

Robin said...

No need to mince words with me, Tony. My impression of Di were only vague outlines derived from a few odd moments spent staring at some tabloid or other now and then, while I waited on line at the supermarket. The single thing I could have said for certain about her was that her wedding gown was truly horrible (those ridiculous sleeves!), although the glass coach was absolutely worth getting up at four o'clock in the morning (Eastern Standard Time) to see.

Yet I still can't help thinking that she might have nixed the Nazi getup. Out of a sense of PR,if nothing else. As you say, she was extremely press-aware.

In fact, I find your commentary on her very edifying. I'd no idea she had not put her money where her mouth was vis-a-vis her will.

The Continental Op said...

I was simultaneously amused and appaled by this letter to the editor in today's San Francisco Chronicle defending Prince Harry's choice of costume. The writer absurdly castigates Harry's critics as "snobs" and "stuffed shirts", as though the Prince were being accused of some plebean breach of social protocol!

As for Diana, here's one Yank who shares your dim view of her and her death cult.

Eric said...

Obviously Harry's education has not provided him with the right context or is his generation "getting over" that whole Nazi holocaust thing.

Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps our great grandchildren will be fighting WWII all over again only this time with Weapons of Mass Destruction.