Tuesday, 21 September 2004

A life of crime

At the time of her marriage in 1999, my daughter-in-law Wendy never dreamed that the next five years would put her into so many unhappy situations. Covering up a patricide, involved in a mail order bride scam, working with a gang of snakeheads and then accessory to another murder, she was in constant trouble, and for much of that period was also masquerading as a blind physiotherapist.

Happily, these difficult times are now over and on 22nd September she starts work as a Detective Constable in The Bill (on her last visit to Sun Hill nick she was on the other side; they gave her a rough time and quite right too). This will be no sinecure, of course, as anyone who has observed the goings-on since 1983 will know; criminals there probably stand less chance of coming to a nasty end than the officers attempting to catch them (and as one of the latter you are also almost certain to become romantically involved with someone totally contemptible).

But I am told that DC Suzie Sim makes a good start on 22nd, so it may be a few weeks before some appalling disaster strikes.

Wendy is not an actress, by the way.


Marc said...

She's Gorgeous! I hope she does well. Maybe we'll see the bill here in the states one day.

PerfectlyVocal said...

Bravo!! (very fitting for The Bill)

Gerry said...

Words fail me! (long pause while Gerry tries in vain to say anything except..) Bravo!

We watch The Bill here. I wonder how far behind we are, but we'll keep an eye out for Wendy.

Tont, you are now recontextualised as "Wendy's dad-in-law".

Anonymous said...

She's totally hot and totally brilliant in the bill. She deserves to do well

Joe_Chan said...

wow! It's great to see how far she's come.

I used to hang out with her and her family in her home in Bedok, Singapore!