Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Together at last!

From the fact that it was the first item on all of yesterday's television news broadcasts, and from the portentous tones of the presenters, one might have thought that the epoch-making reconciliation being celebrated was between the two Koreas, or the Israelis and the Palestinians.

But no. The depressing Windsors and the appalling Spencers are friends again! It was time to wheel out Our Royal Correspondents to express the deferential excitement we all feel on such important occasions. There were the two families, actually SHAKING HANDS with each other! Did we know they hadn't appeared together in public for years? Did we care? Had we been fretting about the recent breach in the happy relations they had enjoyed for generations?

But it was a pleasing and very English scene. The Serpentine sparkled in the sun, little children - many of them non-royal - splashed about in the tumbling waters of what looked like a rather chic sewage farm, and, best of all, the Queen was wearing one of her very large and complicated hats.
See A Fountain troubled


Elle said...

When I watched it on the news all I could think was that Queenie must have had very sweaty armpits under that rather large coat. One must have forgotten that it was hot with bright sunshine yesterday!!

Astolath said...

I can feel all my republican vitriol rising to the surface!

And, £3.6 million for that abortion of a fountain? My cousin Keith would have done it for a fraction of the cost. It's only down the road from where I work, but I've managed to stifle the urge to go and look at it.

As for the Spencers and the Windsors getting chatty again, it was surely only a matter of time. They're all so inbred that the genetic imperative to converge was inevitable anyway. Watching Earl Spencer and the Queen together just reminded me that it wasn't the first time the two families had 'bumped uglies'!

Tony said...

Now Lynn, that's disrespectful: One does not sweat.

It is the law in all the Shires
That horses sweat, but Man perspires

(and Queens don't even feel the heat)

Tony said...

Astolath: Does this Private eye cartoon make you feel better?
Man says to wife as they look at the Diana Memorial Fountain: "It's what she would have wanted - a terrific embarrassment to the Royal Family".

Astolath said...

Thanks for that Tony...

I've not seen the latest Private Eye, must nip upstairs to the press office and nick their copy.