Monday, 26 January 2004

Sheep and computers

My son co-produced The Graduate in the West End a few years ago and when I was checking the net for reviews of the Jerry Hall recast I came across one in Spanish. Google provided a computer translation:

Critical did pebre to model Jerry Hall after their theater debut.
No matter how hard empiluchó, the ex- ones of Mick Jagger did not convince to the critical with its performance. The American supermodel Jerry Hall dazzled to the British theater critical with its beauty, but most of them it was than contented less with his performance in "the graduated one". "you do not let your work regulate, Jerry", it said the newspaper to him Daily Telegraph after assumeing the role of Mrs. Robinson carried out in the cinema by Anne Bancroft in 1967 and in the London theater by Kathleen east Turner soon year. Hall took off everything for a scene in which it must appear naked in the shining night of debut, made Tuesday. In order to support moral to him, in this occasion they attended its ex-husband, Mick Jagger, and its son James, of 14 years. In spite of the critics of the press, the producer Sacha Brooks was of very good spirit the morning of Wednesday.

So the computer gave "bellwether" for "leading lady". Brilliant!
There must be something about computers and sheep. We all know the one about the back translation from the Russian of "hydraulic ram" coming out as "water-sheep".

(This isn't Jerry Hall, it's Kathleen Turner, her predecessor as Mrs Robinson)

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