Thursday, 1 January 2004

Answers to Questions 91-100

91    Mrs Worthington's daughter
Though they said at the School of Acting
She was lovely as Peer Gynt
I think on the whole
An ingenue role
Might emphasise her squint.
Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington (Noel Coward)

92    Allegedly: Omlet, ek is de papa spook, or ...ek is jou pa se spook

93    First introduced into the Arthurian tales by Chrétien de Troyes in the third quarter of the twelfth century at the bidding of his patron, Marie de Champagne.

94    lassitude, lethargy, languor, listlessness

95    Come into the garden Maud, for the black bat night has flown
1857 song (Tennyson/Balfe)  (I urge lovers of Victorian ballads to follow the link to see the picture and listen to this lovely song, sung with passion, as you would expect, by a Professor of Critical Musicology. It goes on a bit, but you can always switch off after the first stanza) 

96    Blatter
President of FIFA

97    Elvis film roles
Love Me Tender; Jailhouse Rock; King Creole; Blue Hawaii; Viva Las Vegas

98    Ronald Reagan

99    Alice Springs

100  The official march of the French Foreign Legion is called 'Boudin' (black pudding). This is a reference to the gear (rolled up in a red blanket) that used to top the backpacks of Legionnaires. The song makes repeated reference to the fact that the Belgians don't get any boudin noir, since the King of Belgium at one time forbade his subjects from joining the Legion (and adds "ce sont des tireurs au cul").

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