Saturday, 30 July 2011

At last a personal approach

I get a couple of dozen spam or scam messages every month in response to one of the eleven hundred posts this blog contains, sometimes one I published five years ago or more . But they're no trouble really: they pile up in my junk folder and every few weeks I just delete the lot, though I have to glance at the headings in case a real message has somehow got wrongly identified as spam.

Today I was charmed, and not a little flattered, to receive a comment on one of my recent posts, which was about the royal visit to Canada. This is not one of those sent out at random, by the million: it has been composed with some care and is clearly for me personally:
Greetings Mr. Flowers Sir;
Do you have the address of Wills and Kate?
I am a Nigerian Princess and would very much like the banking details of the Royal Family.
Thanking you most sincerely,

Lynn from Canada

[On second thoughts, perhaps this was not an attempted scam at all but merely a bit of fun by some jokey friend. If so, please reveal yourself, fool; there is no need to be so formal, you may call me Other Men's if you wish.]

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dandd said...

I think you should give that poor Nigerian Princess Wills and Kate's address. (Actually, I prefer Bill to Will -- Bill&Kate is much closer to bill&coo which seems to fit) Anyway B&K being royality and all, must have a few pounds mouldering away in a closet, or maybe a spare ruby that even hot-glue won't keep in the tiara, so it keeps getting lost under the sofa. Either one would be the sort of thing a poor Nigerian Princess could use.