Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have just discovered that several versions of this probably apocryphal story have been circulating for years. Why had I never heard it until now?

On a visit to the Elysée Palace, Dorothy Macmillan said to Mme de Gaulle: "Now that your husband has achieved so much, is there any particular wish you have for him?", to which Madame replied: "Yes, a penis."

There was a stunned silence until General De Gaulle looked up and said: "Ah yes, 'appiness is what we all want."


Froog said...

You too, Tony? It is a corker, isn't it?

I recounted this story a couple of years ago, in the form in which I first heard it - from a favourite teacher at school 31 years ago. Mrs MacMillan's involvement was not mentioned at that time.

Tony said...

Thirty-one years ago, eh? I'm not embarrassed, just proud to have introduced it to a new generation. Anyway, my version is neater.
But what kind of school was it where the youngest pupils were regaled with jokes like this?

Froog said...

Well, I like to think that things like this were the richest element of my education.

Although, in retrospect, it is conspicuous how many of my school contemporaries matured into alcoholics, con-men, or flamboyant Wildean homosexuals. I am happy to be associated with the latter, but the other two (non-exclusive) categories make for rather uncomfortable 'old boys' reunions.