Friday, 1 October 2010

Warm Heart

Winter is not yet upon us, so why am I making use of a piece of equipment designed to help Antarctic explorers type up their diaries when it's -20°?

At the moment I am totally deprived of fingerspitzengef├╝hl (in the literal sense, not the figurative—there's nothing wrong with my strategic intuition). This is caused by peripheral neuropathy; it may not be permanent but means that at present my hands are cold and my fingers are numb. My friend Grumio (the Bruton Boulevardier) has very kindly sent me a pair of Heating Gloves; plugged into a USB port, these suffuse my hands with a pleasant warmth. This is not only comforting but enables me to achieve my normal level of clumsiness in bashing the keys.

This post must be a short one. Like Captain Oates, I have to go outside and may be some time.


Grumio said...

Unlike Captain Oates, we rather hope you return in no longer than five days, in time, at least, for the next post.

Gemini 2 said...

I hope these warm gloves do not melt the ice in your gin and tonic too quickly, that would be a shame!

Tony said...

Oh no, the gin goes down before the ice has time to melt.